Sustainable packaging

We design and deliver high quality sustainable packaging solutions that maximize your brand experience.

With zero impact.



2. Recycle

While creating an outstanding appearance we select the most beautiful recycled or biodegradable materials. A carbon footprint study will be made to pinpoint the processes with the largest carbon emissions to reduce them.

1. Rethink

Start with rethinking and take a closer look at the impact  you do now. By using more adjusted shapes, using the right eco-friendly materials and local production, impact can be reduced to an absolute minimum without compromising on quality and looks.

3. Regenerate

In order to fulfil our promise of ZERO impact, we compensate for the amount of emission that is left, by planting trees in areas where it will help the local community. We keep track of the growth and monitor carbon compensation.



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ZeroPackaging presents


A hub to accelerate awareness and action to reduce impact to our planet



As a renowned packaging company, we have been working for 12 years to bring the very best possible packaging solutions to the market. Nevertheless, we started noticing that there was more than just providing the best possible packaging solution; the responsibility to work truly sustainable with validated data behind it.

We sat around the table with a number of specialists to figure out how to provide completely carbon neutral packaging solutions to the market. Packaging solutions of the same outstanding quality as ever, but now with ZERO impact on the environment. Because we wanted our story to be real, we had everything calculated accurately and… it turned out it was really possible.

Now we can offer you sustainable packaging solutions that are not only carbon neutral, but also stimulate and inspire your customers to deal with our earth in a responsible way. So now your eco-friendly packaging solution can help us fulfill our mission! Does it get any better?
Sustainable packaging


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