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Ziggo is a Dutch market leader telecom provider for television, internet and phone services.


Ziggo sends their hardware to the customers who mostly install the hardware themselves. However, many customers call the call center for installation questions which causes high costs for Ziggo. Therefore,  Ziggo was looking for modular packaging that helped explain the installation process for customers, resulting in fewer calls for assistance needed and better unpacking experience.


The challenge we faced was to create a packaging system with the minimum number of packaging SKUs for the many different products and even more combinations of these products, especially knowing that the amount of material had to be reduced to minimize environmental impact. 


A consumer panel of the target group was formed to test and optimize the packaging and its artwork. After that, we designed a modular packaging system with a unique book style unpacking experience. The packaging was created in a way that no overpack was needed in order to minimize material use.

Also, all plastics were eliminated and the complete packaging was made from recycled paper and FSC certified. To conclude, the modular system created a carbon footprint reduction and fewer calls to the Ziggo call center and happier customers.

Interested in more information? Please contact Jerom van Beuzekom via

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