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Mr. Porter

Mr. Porter is a fashion company for men who offers unrivaled style advice and customer care, including a dedicated personal shopping team and a no-cost collection for returns through their online platform.



They were looking for high-end packaging boxes to be delivered in Europe. These boxes could be shipped from China by sea, and in case of higher demand or delays in the supply chain, the boxes had to be transported by air freight, resulting in a carbon footprint of up to 50 times higher.  Mr. Porter asked for fast lead times at low costs. 

We implemented local production at a processing plant using geothermal and solar energy to avoid the impact of shipping from China and ensure more security in the supply chain. Also, a specific paper was developed with a finish that has a subtle balance between gloss and matte and a texture between paper and fabric. This paper is made locally at a paper manufacturer that uses hydropower from their local downstream river.  


Interested in more information? Please contact Jerom van Beuzekom via

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