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VodafoneZiggo is the driver of Dutch digitalization, making connections between and for people.


Vodafone started with an unprinted RSC closed with plastic tape and filled with plastic air fillers. In the People planet Progress plan, they announced their goal to cut the environmental impact in half by 2025. Therefore, the Red-to-green goals were created that describe how to eliminate plastics and reduce CO2 reduction.

To improve their brand image, temper evidence and reduce the packaging size in order to realize their goal of eliminating plastics and reducing CO2 reduction, we designed and delivered a box that was easier to pack and has an outstanding unpacking experience.  


The environmental impact is reduced by eliminating plastic and making the packaging process simpler. We removed plastic fillers and plastic tape and introduced an auto-lock where we designed an insert as part of the auto-lock box that can attach all types of mobile phones. To keep the size and material used to the absolute minimum and to reduce ink consumption, the box is reduced to the bare minimum. Finally, the coated interior with offset printing is replaced by an uncoated liner printed with small amounts of flexo ink. 


Our approach resulted in eliminating plastics and 47% CO2 reduction compared to the original packaging with plastic fillers.  The designed packaging is constantly evolving and we recently took the step towards the safest packaging for mobile phones on the market, with the lowest packaging costs. 


Interested in more information? Please contact Jerom van Beuzekom via

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