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Local production: Big wins, big impact

Localizing the manufacturing process has many ecological and economic benefits.

Our mission is to reduce the impact of packaging to zero by making your entire supply chain more sustainable. By examining current impacts and improvements, efficient designs, local production, recycled materials and compensation with Landlife Company, we aim to achieve this mission.

Since local production is essential to making your supply chain more sustainable, more attention on this topic is necessary. Curious what the benefits of local production are for your business? Let's find out in this blog!

Why should you choose packaging made in Europe?

The crisis has once again highlighted the vulnerability and pollution of our globalized world economy.

Shortening production chains can make the economy more resilient to external shocks and more sustainable by reducing transportation. Localizing the production process is the logical next step to achieving this.

We ensure local and sustainable production of your packaging solutions!

Photo: One of our production machines.

The benefits of local production?

  • Minimize the carbon footprint We have been working for decades with large multinational companies for whom we ship their packaging worldwide. We do this primarily by boat and truck, but when there are unpredictable demands, products sometimes have to be transported by air. These air shipments change the footprint completely; in some cases, the impact becomes more than 50 times larger. We ensure that we always avoid air transport and deliver on time by producing locally.

  • Cost- saving We have a proven track record in automating work done manually in Asia, which makes local production competitive. With the rising price of oil, the price of transportation has increased to the point where we are often cheaper compared to manufacturing in Asia, especially for products with unpredictable forecasts.

  • Shorter lead times Local production always reduces lead time.

  • Reliability of the supply chain The risk of transportation delays from Asia is increasing, combined with geopolitical changes makes it more reliable to produce locally because delivery dates are clear from the start.

  • Transparency Local production supports transparency in the supply chain. We work mainly with family-owned factories, and know the owners. Therefore, there is a lot of trust and transparency. Factory visits and initial production implementations are easier to manage as well.

  • Innovation and flexibility It enables design innovation and production flexibility because we work closely with manufacturers.

Photo: Kinfill Case

Many companies want to shift to 100% paper-based packaging. We offer these paper-based packaging solutions, locally produced and 100% CO2 neutral.

Photo: Our factories and production machines.

What does it take to localize?

International companies demand uniformly produced packaging worldwide. Therefore, we ensure that the quality in Europe is the same as the rest of the world with a focus on the following points:

  • Specification matching

  • Color matching

  • Cost matching

  • Paper & quality matching

Also read our blog: The power of textures in paper design to discover how we ensure that locally produced, sustainable paper-based packaging can exist with a unique design.

Photo: Our mission is to make your entire supply chain sustainable.

We focus on planning and optimization through localized production in the factory, using green energy.

Do you want to learn more about how we produce our paper-based packaging solutions locally, and how we can help you with the best advice to make your entire supply chain reliable and sustainable? Please contact us.


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