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The power of textures in paper design

Paper packaging is becoming increasingly popular because it is lightweight, durable and can also be customized to meet specific customer needs.

Yet it appears that paper is often associated with a more standard and neutral design in which there is a limited variation to ensure a unique look.

Do you wonder how your company can use sustainable paper-based packaging solutions while standing out with a unique, high-quality, and suitable design? Let's find out in this blog,

where we demonstrate the power of textures within various sustainable paper designs, which will inspire you and benefit your business.

Photo: Our custom-made paper design

Consumers these days are increasingly aware of the environment and how companies are working on sustainability. They look at what brands offer in terms of packaging, and many consider it in their decision of who they ultimately buy their products.

According to an infographic by The Paperworker (Pakfactory, 2022)

  • 52% of consumers say they would likely return to a business for another purchase if they receive products in premium packaging design.

  • 40% would share a photo of packaging if it is interesting.

With this in mind, the importance of packaging and especially unique packaging designs cannot be underestimated in fulfilling your customers' needs and presenting your brand.

Photo: Our custom-made paper design

The design involves creating an appropriate product with the right look and feel for a product. As the use of paper packaging has skyrocketed because of its durable, flexible, and innovative character, there is a greater need for unique paper designs that allow companies to stand out.

Developing various textures in paper designs makes this possible.

Photo: Various textures in paper design

Curious about what benefits the use of paper-based packaging?

Also read our blog: Why paper based packaging to find out the benefits of using paper-based packaging.

Photo: Our different paper designs

Unique packaging design represents your brand

Packaging design represents your brand. Using custom-made paper designs with different textures and colors will give your packaging a more unique and high-end look and feel that will ensure it is remembered.

With unique shapes, colors and textures, paper designs will evolve into exciting and innovative packaging solutions for maximum impact on the look and feel and minimal impact on the environment.

Photo: Our custom-made paper packaging design.

We design custom - made packaging solutions with a unique design and zero impact on the environment!

Photo: Our custom-made paper packaging design with ZERO impact on the environment


To find out more about how Zero Packaging can help you to design paper-based packaging solutions with zero environmental impact but with a unique and suitable design, please reach out to us.



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