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ZeroPackaging's Favorite: The Happy 2050 scenario

Do you also have more time to read in the summer? And are you looking for a good read while simultaneously contributing to a better planet? As one of ZeroPackaging’ favorites, we highly recommend the book: the Happy 2050 scenario, written by Babette Porcelijn.

Under the guise: “We are the crew of the planet and this is our handbook! - Letsgo”

Babette investigates the highest achievable scenario for a safe and happy future. Everything that affects our happiness passes in review: well-being, equal opportunities, the economy, natural resources, policy and a safe planet. She exposes the connection between all these subjects. Eventually a clear picture emerges of which interventions will bring us the most prosperity. In our opinion, the best thing about this book is that she provides tools on how to get started.

At ZeroPackaging we highly believe that every individual or company can make a difference by thinking big and act accordingly. We act by creating custom designed packaging solutions with zero impact. How do you act?

Interested in what we can do for your business? Check out our eco-check:



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