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Why a great unboxing experience matters

Unboxing is a great opportunity to show customers that you care about their experience and values. Customers will be able to do more than just read about your brand's narrative, they can see it firsthand through the tangible proof of what makes up its story - from how effectively packed items are in every box all the way down to whether or not there was any documentation provided with instructions on set-up (if necessary).

As ZeroPackaging, we are aware of this and therefore we develop customized packaging that contributes to a great unboxing experience for companies such as Mr Porter, Kinfill and Ziggo.

Curious why a great unboxing experience can benefit your company? Let's find out in this blog.

Photo: Customized Packaging designed by ZeroPackaging for our client net-a- porter.

What a Great Unboxing Experience Can Do For Your Brand

1. It helps your brand tells its story.

Your brand has a perception that needs to be communicated. It's absolutely essential you do so in order for your business or product idea to stand apart from the competition. Your story may sound similar, but there will always be people who want more than just facts when they're considering their options—they need an emotional connection with what we offer them before anything else can really happen. This means telling stories about the value this product adds to their lives.

Video: Unboxing video of our client Mr Porter, packaging designed by ZeroPackaging

2. It drives customer loyalty.

Make sure your brand leaves a great last impression on your customers by providing them with what they need when they need it.

Building these partnerships isn’t as easy as it sounds. According to a study by Bain & Company, between 60% and 80% of customers don't return for another purchase, even after being satisfied with their first experience. Your customers are busy and so is your competition. You need to stand out if you want people coming back for more! What makes a customer buy from one brand over another? It's not just about how good their products may be, but also an experience that sets it apart in some way. Whether this means having better customer service or providing unique offers tailored specifically towards each individual shopper- something worth talking about when looking at expanding into new markets.

“A great unboxing experience is like the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae; everything else might have been great, but it’s those little extra touches which put you head and shoulders above the rest.” (BigCommerce)

Video: Unboxing video of our client Ziggo, packaging designed by ZeroPackaging

Video: Unboxing video of our client Kinfill, packaging designed by ZeroPackaging

3. The chance to go viral and build an audience.

A great unboxing experience can be expensive, but what if your efforts had the potential to reach a virtually limitless audience?

On Social Media people share their experiences with others online. Some channels on platforms such as Youtube and TikTok develop huge followings by strictly focusing upon unique video content, such as unboxing. These channels have audiences in excess or even just over 1 million views. It's a fun way to get your brand in front of new audiences which makes it one-of the most effective marketing strategies out there today.

4. It's a great way to get influencers excited.

Influencer marketing has become one of the most popular ways to advertise a product in today's market. Influencers are often everyday people who have built large followings and business from being perceived as trustworthy. This means they will not promote a product that they don't believe in. Providing them with an excellent unboxing experience will contribute to the perceived value of your brand.

Photo: Customized Packaging designed by ZeroPackaging.

Advice for the unboxing experience

The Covid pandemic has changed our consumption habits, with the trend towards online shopping growing strongly. The shift towards online shopping has significantly reduced the number of customer touch points. This has made it harder for companies that were used to sell through more traditional outlets to build a personal connection with their customers. Companies need to come up with a new strategy to engage with customers and communicate the company's value in a different way.

The packaging and unboxing experience is the perfect opportunity to do this as the packaging of a product embodies the values the company is trying to communicate. It provides valuable information about the product but also expresses the company's core values. Customized shipping packaging in line with your business is therefore important.

Branded packaging can help your business by considering the following factors:
  • Differentiation of your brand from other brands

  • The colors you select affect consumer buying behavior

  • The product packaging is a real marketing tool

  • Packaging helps create brand awareness and brand recognition

But beyond the emotional factors, it makes good business sense. A great out-of-box experience is like a little piece of theater. Scripting it well helps guide the customer through the first steps of using their new purchase and minimizes expensive calls into help lines. (Harvard Business Review)

Photo: Custom made packaging with a great unboxing experience for our clients.


Do you want advice about what a great unboxing experience can do for your brand and which factors can you take into account in your branded packaging? Please reach out to us.



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