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Most responsible brands

Fashion Revolution is a foundation that campaigns for a clean, safe, transparant and accountable fashion industry. They focus on the entire ecosystem within the fashion industry, from manufacturer to consumer. Therefore, they believe that with systemic and structural change, the fashion industry van lift millions of people out of poverty and provide them with decent and dignified livelihoods. This can be done be conserve and restore the environment and values of people over growth and profit.

Every year they present a list of most en least sustainable fashion brands - and the latest list shows that there is still a lot to be done.

1. OVS

The Italian fashion brand scores a lot higher than the average of 23%, with their 78% on transparency. The brand have got a recycle program since 2006 and their aim is to reduce their footprint by 90% in comparison with a decade ago.

2. H&M

The brand has evolved from being a fast-fashion brand to a more conscious brand: a developed recycle machine, more biological cotton in store and electric delivery services.

3. The North Face

Both brands share a score of 66% in terms of sustainability. Currently, the North face haven't gone far in sustainable measures in their business operations, but they have made some commitment for the future. Timberland scores high with regards to their durable boots.

4. Zeeman

While the Dutch brand was not listed in the top 5 in the list, it was mentioned in the summary of Fashion Revolution. They have grown with 13% since last years list, this can be due to their promise that at least 10% of the whole collection should consist of sustainable materials.

The brands closing the list are famous brands like Fila, Mexx, New Yorker and DKNY with a score of 0%. Check the full list here.


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