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Classy, minimalistic yet eye-catching design

Packaging is the first touchpoint between your brand and the customer. Use it to your advantages with catchy yet inspiring designs. In this article, we will emphasize on the importance of customizing your packaging design. That's why we have written down professional tips for creating catchy slogans. You might not be a designer, but there are some basic principles to bear in mind. These tips will help you create a better looking design in no time.

When did you receive a packaging that left an impression?

The design of a package has an, often underestimated, effect on the buying experience. You can’t get a do-over for a first impression of your brand. Previous studies have shown that consumers categorize when they establish their perspective of a product. The product could be categorized as sustainable, good quality or cheap.

One of our designs for a classy, minimalistic yet eye-catching design is for Mr.Porter. Their design is completely in line with their brand identity, as a high quality fashion brand.

But how do you catch the attention of a customer? This is often easier said than done. Therefore, we have made a list of some important notes to take into mind when writing a slogan.

  1. Keep it simple, think like a minimalist.

  2. Don’t use confusing jargon.

  3. Make sure the design is in tune with your corporate identity.

  4. Ask yourself who and what are you writing for.

  5. Identify the tone of voice and adjust according to target audience.

  6. Connect your packaging slogan with what's inside.

  7. Never underestimate the power of words.

And we have some final tips before you start on designing your draft.

1. If your brand cares about the environment, tell the world!

With including a phrase or two about the sustainable aspects of your product. Or by using eco-friendly icons to communicate the sustainable properties of your packaging.

Check out some sustainable slogans.

  • There is no planet B.

  • We think of creating a healthy tomorrow.

  • Good for our planet, good for you.

  • Think globally, act locally.

  • We are in business to save our home planet.

  • Green goes with everything.

Even if you're just starting to take sustainability into consideration, be honest about it. People love to see the story behind your branding. Include a slogan saying 'we're making headway'.

Watch out for creating confusion when using sustainable jargon. In one of our other articles,

we discussed the confusing labelling system for sustainability. Customers make misleading conclusions, because they often don’t understand the jargon used. Therefore, in designing and advertising, a simplistic approach should be taken into account.

2. Always take the target audience in mind

You can’t go wrong with the use of the AIDA format (Attention, Intention, Desire, Action).

Try to connect the packaging design with what is inside. This makes unboxing even more exciting. Ask yourself what's the main function of your design, and take that as a starting point. And when finished, make sure it's easy to digest for your audience. Readability in your design is crucial. This keeps them from scrolling past. You can enhance readability by playing with: different typefaces, type sizes, alignment and colors. Test out your designs before publishing to be sure it’s easily readable on the platform your design is made for.

3. Challenging yet, if done right, exciting: Funny slogans.

Play with words, people will remind the joke way longer.

For example, Pret a manger, from the competitive sector of takeaway sandwiches and coffee, has included all of these tips perfectly. They included their sustainable strategy into their branding, put provoking texts, yet include a little humor. The sustainable advice is written with a little wink, therefore making the customer look twice.

In a competitive sector, it is becoming more and more important to stand out. These days, marketing goes beyond just buying and selling. The story of your product makes your product unique, therefore distinguishing your brand. The design of the package could tell a lot about your product, use it for good. And keep it stupid simple, we can't emphasize it enough.

As ZeroPackaging we design the most sustainable version of our packaging. Lots of ink used on packaging isn’t part of a sustainable packaging. Therefore, we emphasize the importance to keep it simple and clean. Nevertheless, there are options for choosing more sustainable versions of ink, and it’s possible to dilute the ink used. We take care of the details, so you can focus on your product. In the video, you see another example of one of our designs for packaging.

Need help creating a packaging design that is visually appealing and sparks excitement for your customers when they receive it?

Feel free to contact us.


Want to read more about Sustainable design criteria we bear in mind when designing your package? Read our previous article on this topic.


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