A hub to accelerate awareness and action to reduce impact to our planet

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It’s no secret that home delivery has skyrocketed over the course of the pandemic. The growing popularity of online delivery services has increased the use of single-use packaging, ranging from plastic to Styrofoam to PFAS-lined brown boxes. The subsequent environmental implications from producing and disposing of those types of packaging are a major contributor to climate change.

Climate change threatens every part of the planet. It’s a global problem that requires global cooperation. We believe in that everyone can do something to protect our shared home. That's why we created the Zero Impact Hub. Our aim is to stimulate and inspire companies customers to deal with our earth in a responsible way by rethinking, recycling and regenerating. A hub to accelerate awareness and action to reduce impact to our planet.


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"De meeste impact heeft al plaatsgevonden nog voordat we een product in de winkel kopen."

"Verborgen Impact"  
Babette Porcelijn 

Zero Packaging
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1. Rethink

The first core value: rethink. Start with rethinking and take a closer look at the actions you do now. ou actually minimize the impact you are already making. You go all the way back to the beginning; how can you minimize the impact and compensate for what is left

2. Recycle

Our second core value: recycle. You’ve probably heard of the term. Just to be sure you’re aware, let me refresh your memory. Recycling means that materials are re-used. Recycling is different from reusing. Re-using means that products are entirely re-used, and recycling means that materials from the products are re-used.

3. Regenerate

The third core value is: regenerate. Compensating means giving back for all the emission that is left. That's why we regenerate. In order to fulfil our promise of ZERO impact, we compensate for the amount of emission that is left, by planting trees in areas where it will help the local community. We keep track of the growth and monitor carbon compensation.

The Zero Impact hub is an eco-system of suppliers, brands and designers who all contribute to reduce and compensate their global footprint. Together we work according to the three-step principle of Rethink, Recycle and Regenerate. 

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All members of the Zero Impact Hub Eco-system have the ZIH Certificate. 



A hub to accelerate awareness and action to reduce impact to our planet

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