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PANGAIA: Think loungewear but make it cool

What is Pangaia and how did it start?

Pangaia is self-described a: “materials science company on a mission to save our environment”.

The fashion industry is an industry which is scattered in largely siloed sectors, as many fashion companies do not historically own their manufacturing process. Pangaia, founded in 2018, is breaking with traditions by being a hybrid fashion apparel company. Meaning that it brings together material science (e.g. grape leather, seaweed fiber) through its research and development facility, and demonstrates its textile prowess via its own collections. Their collections, inspired by nature, are created with artists and designers whose ethos aligns with PANGAIA. By using a high proportion of eco-friendly and upcycled materials, producing locally, a solid code of conduct and having an entire vegan product range, Pangaia breathes sustainability, innovation and transparency.

Philanthropic Pangaia

Besides focusing on producing highly sustainable collections, Pangaia is also involved in multiple philanthropic projects. Based on the idea that we borrow resources from our planet, Pangaia partnered up with SeaTrees which plants one mangrove tree for each product sold. They're also collaborating with Milkywhire to raise awareness about the bee’s importance in our ecosystem.

More information on their philanthropic projects can be found here.

Fun Fact

Every piece of clothing has the material description printed on it.


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