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List of 10 Inspiring Brands and Organizations - Fashion Industry

The third in the series of 4 on Inspiring Brands and Organizations. We talked about sustainable clothing brands before, but the fashion industry is of course much broader than that. In this blog we’ll tell you about clothing brands, but also shoe brands, jackets, bags, and much more.

1. Goat Organic Apparel

“Determined to be one of the game changers — we take action by sustainable innovation.” That’s Goat Organic Apparel’s slogan. They live bij the words: Organic, Honest and Affordable. It started with a sustainable white T-shirt and now they also produce sweaters, long-sleeved shirts and joggers. The production is completely sustainable and ethically produced.

2. O My Bag

According to O My Bag, they are committed to making a positive difference in the world. Their fairly made leather bags and accessories respect both our planet and the people living on it. Their company goals? “For the passion of fashion, for the love of our planet.”

3. Iron Roots

What we personally like about Iron Roots is that they really produce in a different way than other sports brands. More than 90 percent of 'regular' sports clothing contains polyester or another form of plastic - at Iron Roots they do that slightly differently. The clothing of this brand is produced completely sustainably and fairly. Moreover, only natural materials are used.

4. Organic Basics

Organics Basic is a Danish brand, founded in 2015. This brand produces sportswear and underwear. In addition to being sustainable, the brand is also minimalistic. They use, among other things, organic cotton, recycled nylon and lyocell. The underwear is made from TENCEL: a silky fabric that comes from sustainable forests, but also from organic cotton and recycled materials. The materials are durable without losing quality.

5. Armedangels

Honesty will never go out of style. That’s the statement they want to make. Their products are timeless, casual and sustainable. They simply don’t want to be a part of the wrongdoing in the clothing industry, and they have been fighting for that since 2007. They use 100% sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, Tencel® and organic wool. You can find part of the collection for women here.

6. Filippa K

Filippa K is a brand that couldn't be missing from this list. Their goal is to be fully circular by 2030. That means only sustainable materials, designs that are recyclable and biodegradable and a responsible way of production. It’s a timeless and minimalist Scandinavian brand.

7. Rains

You’ve probably heard of this one. Rains is considered a sustainable brand, because Rains jackets are made from certified rubber and partly from recycled polyester, made from PET bottles. None of the raw materials or products contain animal ingredients or animal by-products, including feathers. None of the products contain hormone-disrupting, dangerous chemicals, such as perfluorinated compounds (PFCs), or phthalates (PVC) that are on the list of chemicals to avoid. Sounds pretty good, right?

8. Loop. A life

Loop. a Life creates timeless fashion in a sustainable way. The clothing is stylish, comfortable and cool. Recycled yarns and textile end products are used to contribute to a better planet.

9. Ethletic

This sneaker brand is vegan, ecologically and ethically responsible. In addition, it is also just a beautiful and stylish brand with sneakers that match different outfits. The cotton is grown in India and is organically grown and Fairtrade certified, so produced fairly. The rubber of the shoes is natural rubber and comes from FSC-maintained forests in Sri Lanka. This means that the forests from which the rubber comes is sustainably managed.

10. Studio JUX

Their business philosophy centres on offering sustainable, ethical and beautifully designed fashion at fair and affordable prices. Their journey is filled with obstacles but according to Studio JUX, they are determined to succeed. The clothing and accessories of Studio JUX are made of natural or recycled materials, made in its own factory in Nepal. Recently, they’ve opened stores in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam.


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