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List of 10 inspiring and sustainable reading, watching and podcast tips

The last in the series of 40 inspiring and sustainable organizations and brands. The summer is coming up, and you might have a nice vacation planned in which you plan to catch up on some reading, listening or watching. Or maybe you're not planning on going away, but you'll enjoy some nice days outside anyway. Either way, we thought you might like some tips for reading, listening and watching. So for this one, we would like to show you a list of 10 inspiring and sustainable reading, watching and podcast tips! In this article, we have 3 categories: book, podcast and movie/documentary.

  • Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things.

Category: Book

Braungart is co-author with William McDonough of Cradle to cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things (2002). He assumes that waste should be seen as food; made from raw material, used and digested into the same raw material (compost) for materials from the biosphere or reprocessed into equivalent technical raw materials for materials from the technosphere.

An inspiring, insightful, and feasible way of thinking with incredible examples of production processes and new forms of design. A must-read for anyone who is or wants to be eco-conscious.

  • HBR Ideacast

Category: podcast

Maybe you’ve heard of the Harvard Business Review. Besides writing interesting artikcles about relevant subjects, there is also a ‘HBR IdeaCast’ now. The IdeaCast is a weekly podcast featuring the leading thinkers in business and management. In the episodes, many corporate topics are discussed, from leadership strategies to recruitment tips, but strongly dominated by sustainability initiatives in business.

  • An inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power

Category: Documentary

Former Vice President Al Gore made it clear to us that our climate is changing dramatically. And if we as humanity did not intervene, our future would look anything but rosy. Now he's back with An Inconvenient Sequel to show us what our planet is like after that Oscar-winning documentary. Unfortunately, the problem has only gotten bigger and the solution seems to be miles away. Almost tirelessly, Al Gore takes us on a journey to inspire people to save the world and solve the climate problem.

  • Circular fashion

Category: Book

As mentioned many times before, creating sustainable fashion has never been more important. That’s why Peggy Blum wrote Circular Fashion. Peggy Blum is Assistant Professor of Practice, Sustainability, Textiles and Apparel at the University of Texas, Austin. Besides teaching in Fashion in various institutions, she also participated in a number of sustainability projects and conferences. She has also worked as a fashion trend forecasting consultant. Pretty cool, right?

Circular Fashion provides an accessible, practical, and holistic approach to this key topic for anyone studying fashion.

  • The Climate Changers Podcast

Category: podcast

"The show aims to shift focus from climate change to the 'Climate Changers' - the people doing important sustainability work & those with valuable advice on how we can live more sustainably." - Paul Gehres, the show’s host. In this podcast, Paul Gehres talks about sustainability with sustainability experts from all over the world.

  • The biggest little farm

Categorie: movie/documentary

In 2011, John and Molly decided to try to make their dream come true. Molly had been fantasizing about starting a fully sustainable farm. With no money and minimal knowledge of agriculture, John and Molly leave the hectic pace of Los Angeles and start a farm on extremely difficult and arid terrain in California. John captured their struggles on camera. For seven years, he filmed how their Apricot Lane Farms continue to face new challenges. The result is an extremely inspiring and moving reflection on agriculture, nature and the well-being of the entire planet.

  • How I Built This

Categorie: podcast

A podcast from Guy Raz. Guy Raz dives into the stories behind some of the world's best known companies. How I Built This weaves a narrative journey about innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists and the movements they built.

  • The Conscious Closet: the revolutionary guide to looking good while doing good

Category: Book

A book written by Elizabeth L. Cline. Elizabeth L. Cline is a New York-based author, journalist, and expert on consumer culture, fast fashion, sustainability and labor rights in the apparel industry. Are you interested in the latest fashion trends, but do you also care about the impact the fashion industry makes on our planet? Then this might be the perfect book for you. Cline will show you how to leverage your everyday fashion choices while changing the world by aiming for a more ethical wardrobe.

  • Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things

Category: Documentary

We are all tired of wanting more, having to do more and being able to do more. Decreasing is the trend of recent years and minimalism appeals to an increasing group of people. But what exactly is minimalism and how can life get better with less? Do we really need all those expensive things to be happy? This is what documentary ‘Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things’ is all about.

  • The sustainability Agenda

Category: Podcast

The Sustainablity Agenda is a weekly podcast in which the major sustainability issues are discussed. Big names such as Kate Raworth, author of the Donut Economy, and Paul Hawken, co-founder of Project Drawdown, are interviewed about their views on sustainability and what can and must change to keep the world a livable place.


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