As ZeroPackaging we are serious about reducing our environmental impact. Reducing impact across the value chain is an on-going and multifaceted task. Even if it’s just a small part of the entire supply chain. In order to make a difference, we designed an impact assessment for the whole packaging process. Any packaging overhaul should begin with a full audit of what an organisation is already using.

  1. What components and materials do you currently use for packaging?

  2. Where are these components and materials produced?

  3. What are their individual purposes?

  4. How many of them do you use?

  5. How effective and efficient should the design be?

  6. What are they made from?

From there we can meaningfully start to assess and move towards a more responsible packaging program that works for your brand. We look at the entire supply chain to minimize the impact by calculating the current impact and advise on improvements such as local productions and efficient designs. All components of the packaging will be assessed in the ZeroPackaging program based on the following criteria:


  • What is the functionality of the packaging?

  • How efficient does it deliver this functionality?


Physical properties

  • What material is it made of?

  • How is it manufactured?

  • Can it (or components) be reused?

  • Are the materials (properly) recyclable?

  • What is the litter potential of the different materials?

  • How harmful is the packaging to marine and terrestrial ecosystems?


Supply chain

  • Where does the source material come from?

  • Where does the manufacturing take place?

  • How sustainable is the manufacturer?

  • What are the transport types and distances?



  • What is the overall environmental score?

  • How does it compare to alternatives?

Start your impact program

Interested to know what your packaging impact is? Don’t hesitate to contact us at and we will get in touch with you.