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Phone Packaging

The leading phone manufacturer from California develops its packaging in the USA and specifies it for its packaging partners to implement it globally.


Traditionally, many products were produced in Asia. Since the environment has become more important, localisation to the right manufacturing location helps reduce the carbon footprint. On top of that, lead time and costs for delivery from Asia fluctuated widely and local production offered more stability in the supply chain. Therefore, this leading phone manufacturer came to Zero Packaging for help.


As the current development priority is to produce locally and eliminate single-use plastic from the entire supply chain, we have designed packaging that eliminates all plastic, established sustainable supply chains and offered JIT delivery within Europe. More examples of projects we are currently working on include: 


  • Replacing EPE/PU foam with paper alternatives such as molded fiber and corrugated cardboard. 

  • Replacing film lamination with specially developed paper. 

  • Replacement of transparent plastic films with paper alternatives. 


All our packaging is pre-assembled and stored locally for JIT delivery to the various distribution centers in Europe. Together with our partner Veritiv, we build sustainable supply chains to support global customers.

Interested in more information? Please contact Jerom van Beuzekom via

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